Doctors & Claims

ISO claims department will assist with scheduling your doctor appointment.

How to file a claim

Contact the helpline

Call ISO claims department, Healix at 020 8049 7385 and provide your insurance ID number.

Connect with GP

Healix representative will connect you with a private general practitioner (GP).

Referral for specialist

If further treatment is required, a referral can be given to see a specialist.

Claims process

Healix handles all claims and payments directly with the doctor.

Check claim status

Healix will provide regular updates via email. You can also call them at 020 8049 7385 or email

Please note: Your insurance company may investigate your claim, require additional information,
and verify that eligibility requirement and other terms were met before paying claims.


Please contact Healix:

020 8049 7385


Office hours
Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 1pm

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