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You can find a list of the insurance definitions on this page here

You can select the start date of your insurance plan at the time of purchase. The earliest you can choose to start is the next day from the date of purchase.

To enroll, start by creating an account here and following the instructions.

You would only need to provide personal information at the time of enrollment.

We do not currently offer a monthly payment option. The number of months you purchase for will be the amount to pay upfront.

Payment options include payment via debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX).

Please do not try to submit the payment again if the card is declined and wait a few minutes. We would also recommend contacting your bank.

You will receive your insurance ID, confirmation letter, and plan brochure immediately via email. Your payment receipt can be found in your online account.

If you have a valid student visa, taking classes full-time in the UK, then you are eligible for the UK Gold plan.

No, you must hold a valid visa to study in the UK and reside outside of your home country to be eligible to this plan.

Healix is our claims department who sets up your appointment with a virtual general practitioner (GP) and handles all claims.

The general practitioner (GP) will prescribe the medication and send it to a pharmacy near you.

You will receive regular updates on your claims via email and can call the helpline to check on the status at any point.

This can also be known as “Excess.” It is the amount that the policyholder must pay before the insurance company starts covering the costs of medical treatment.
The deductible will apply when you consult a GP or specialist in person. You will receive an invoice for this after your appointment. Please contact the doctor directly to settle this.
Refer to our blog post here for information on important insurance terminology you should know.

Healix is our claims department who sets up your appointment with a virtual general practitioner (GP) and handles all claims.

If Healix has referred you to a doctor, they will provide a quote for the visit based on the plan benefits.

This plan provides up to 100% coverage for virtual therapy and tele-doc sessions only. For in-network providers, there is 100% coverage up to 12 sessions per policy year; out-of-network on specialist referral is 100% up to 6 sessions per policy year after deductible is met.

Yes, we recommend that you use your NHS benefits for non-coverable services.

Call ISO claims department, Healix at 0208 049 7385 and provide your insurance ID number. Healix will set up an appointment for you to consult with a virtual GP. If you need to see a specialist in person, Healix will also do the coordination.

If what you are experiencing is a non-life-threatening event, you can contact Healix at 0208 049 7385 and speak with a virtual GP who can assess your situation. If you need to see a specialist, or further testing and procedures should be done, the GP will give a referral and set up an appointment.

If you believe you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency and require treatment immediately, please call 999.

Contact Healix at 0208 049 7385. They will set you up with a virtual GP first and if it requires further treatment and care, you will be directed to either an in-person GP or specialist better suited to your case.

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